Castle of Terror - Review of Extreme World, Wisconsin.

If a steamy, miles-long strip of motels, tourist traps, and quirky attractions sounds like a fever dream that could only happen in central Florida, listen closely. You can join three million leisure thrill-seekers, as we did, who jostle every year for a parking space and a motel room in -- Lake Delton/Wisconsin Dells. It's one of America's most over-the-top Tourism Meccas.

The Dells, as the towns are collectively known, distort the conventional laws of road trip physics. Attractions that we'd normally drive hours to see, even on a rumor -- a giant flamingo , a Castle of Terror, a Paul Bunyan Cook Shanty with "logging camp" food -- are dismissed here without a second thought. Sure, it'd only take a minute to stop, but who's got the time when there's SO MUCH ELSE TO SEE?

The natural beauty of the Dells -- the original reason that people came here -- is out of sight somewhere, behind the cacophony of signs and soaring ride superstructures. Try to glimpse it from your car and you're sure to ram into the back of a SUV sitting in the strip's frequent bumper-to-bumper weekend jam-ups.